5 of the best hills to run down in Oxfordshire!

5 of the best hills to run down in Oxfordshire!

Sep 22, 2022

Turn off the screens, get the kids off the couch and get them outside! Start with our top 5 list of hills to run down in Oxfordshire. Running up is optional, running down a necessity! Ready, steady, FUN!

South Park

It goes without saying that this epic hill in East Oxford would make it to the top of the list. It’s a fair old hike from bottom to top but when you get there, turn around and gaze at the magnificent spires before taking your Little Oxplorer’s hand and weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee, off you go!

Also here: At the top of South Park is an enclosed children’s playground with play equipment for big and little kids, including this amazing toddler assault course!

(Picture credit: Oxford University)

Raleigh Park

The top of the 27 sloping acres of Raleigh Park offers tremendous views of the dreaming spires, worth the walk up and definitely worth the gallop down. Cows graze in the fields here during the summer months so be more ballerina then bull stomping down this hill and make sure you are well clear of any grazing cattle so as not to startle them. Mooing optional.

Also here: Raleigh Park is a designated Local Wildlife site, keep your eyes peeled for foxes. There is a stream and several ponds here also, perfect for pond dipping. Nearby is Louie Memorial Fields and Fen, an excellent little adventure for Little Oxplorers. See all the details here.

Wittenham Clumps

With panoramic views over south Oxfordshire the iconic Wittenham Clumps, made up of Round Hill and Castle Hill, is often said to have the county’s finest views. On a clear day you can see as far as the Chilterns to the east and the Cotswolds to the west. Running down this hill is something of a rite of passage for children and as you walk up you will see many a child whizzing back down, screaming with delight!

Also here: Enjoy the wildflower meadows in all their glory in July and look out for damsel and dragonflies. Why not pair your visit here with an event at the Earth Trust? Take a look at their events page for ideas, they have so many outdoor activities for kids, many of them free. We walked from Dorchester to Castle Hill recently, it was magical.

(Picture credit: Johnathan Bowen)

Shotover Hill, Shotover Country Park

At its highest point, Shotover Hill is 170m above sea level, which is why people flock here for far reaching views of South Oxfordshire. We have rolled and ran down this hill and enjoyed rolling the most, although it’s a bumpy ride! Beware of mole mounds!

Also here: Shotover Country Park is a great destination for family fun with biking trails, orienteering, geocaching, rope swings and a sandpit and stream to play in. Check out the different coloured routes before you visit and tailor your walk to your energy levels. Oxford flocks here when it’s snowing to sledge down the hill, so much fun!

White Horse Hill

The highest point in Oxfordshire, on a clear day you can see across six counties! The strenuous climb to the top of the hill is rewarded by the thrill of the wind in your hair as you race back down! If your Little Oxplorer would rather roll down the hill then make sure they remember to tick it off their National Trust’s ‘50 things to do before you are 11 ¾’ adventure list! See our most recent visit here.

Also here: Much mystery surrounds this Bronze Age horse and its creation but stories of dragon slaying and poisoned blood run wild. Feed your Little Oxplorer’s imagination and let them be the heroic knights who come to save the day!


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Kingston Bagpuize Millennium Green was bought by the Kingston Bagpuize Millennium Trust using National Lottery money, and is run by volunteers from the village. It will never be built on, the village owns it forever and will keep on using it as a sanctuary for all.

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