Crowmarsh Gifford Play Park

Crowmarsh Gifford Play Park

Date of Adventure: 10 Jul, 2023

This is a fab pick ‘n’ mix of our most loved playgrounds! All our favourite equipment, together with some new, packed into one fenced and secure space. The design is so well thought out and there are play opportunities squeezed into every inch.

My three loved the hobbit tunnel and wobbly bridge, trampoline, sensory boards and wooden train – the perfect place for the driver and his assistant to have a picnic. The balancing tree stumps are always a hit and the choice of slides are pretty exciting too. The stand up seesaw, only the second one we’ve encountered, induced peels of laughter as we enjoyed a bump with another child.

The big kid play equipment looks pretty wild, which translates into ‘don’t look whilst they are on it’, but I think that’s half the excitement these days! Nevertheless, older children will be very happy with rope climbs, money bars, ladders, suspension bridge and other death defying equipment that looks like it should be in a circus! I have it on good authority that the slide goes about a million miles an hour too 😬

There is a double zip wire here as well, outside of the secure fenced area, and a big field to run around. We also enjoyed helicopter spotting – there were so many – en route to RAF Benson I imagine, pretty high up on the excitement scale for little ones.

In short, this playground is a big old bag of joy with all your top 10 pick ‘n’ mix play equipment in there and a few more delights thrown in for free. No extra tooth brushing required.

If the sun is shining on your day out and you fancy a dip, the free Wallingford Splash Park is merely a hop away.


Always open
No booking required
No cafe
Accessible for all but no wheelchair accessible equipment
23 minutes from Headington roundabout
Free parking next to park
The details


Bellamy Way, Crowmarsh Gifford, Wallingford OX10 8EB

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