Faye Elizabeth Park, Benson

Faye Elizabeth Park, Benson

Date of Adventure: 7 Jun, 2023

Colourful, and busily packed with equipment to challenge little bodies and welcome big imaginations. And that’s what I loved about it most: not all kids have the physical dexterity (or desire) to clamber, swing and jump, some prefer to delve deep into imaginative and sensory play – and this is catered for wonderfully.

I won’t list all the equipment, there’s the usual suspects such as trampolines and swings, and also loads that I hadn’t seen before including a pedal powered roundabout, swing seat, helicopter seesaw and tons of other dynamic equipment. The impressive 7-metre high main structure reflects features from St Helens Church in Benson, a lovely local touch, the slide down from that height? Whooooosh!

The price tag of the project was a whopping £240k!! With play opportunities suitable for every age, as well as a fitness area with bleep test just outside the play area, I’d say it was worth every penny. Because I’m super nosy and a bit obsessed with play equipment, I went searching on the play manufacturers’ website, Hags, to see if there was any other info about the project. There’s a case study, and it’s super interesting.



Always open
No booking required
No cafe
Accessible with accessible equipment
20 minutes from Headington roundabout
X40 bus
Free parking by Parish Hall
The details


The Parish Hall, Sunnyside, Benson, Wallingford OX10 6LZ

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