Sandford Play Park and Talking Shop

Sandford Play Park and Talking Shop

Date of Adventure: 30 Jul, 2023

Whilst I’m not saying that I choose my favourite playgrounds because of their proximity to cafes serving goooooood coffee and food *however* having the above in the same vicinity definitely bumps the playground up the list.

I’ll get straight to the point: the Talking Shop – a local community shop run by volunteers – does excellent coffee and cake. I’ve tried it. All of it. I recommend the samosas too (I really REALLY love samosas), so so good. It’s also stocked with local produce including Waterperry Gardens apple juices and Waterperry Farm meat, chutneys, jams, fresh fruit and veg and a selection of breads from local bakery Cornfields, it’s no wonder it has such a steady stream of customers. They also have a re-fill station for various products including hand sanitisers, kitchen cleaners, detergents and body washes too.

Enough about food and shopping and onto the many play opportunities available! The playground directly behind the café is geared towards toddlers with a small slide, logs, balancing tree stumps and a low platform. To the right of that is a mound with a hobbit tunnel (perfect for playing Billy Goat’s Gruff) and weaving poles. Beyond is the zip wire, climbing frame and slide. The traditional climbing frame is a bit heart stopping as it’s quite high – which obviously means that everyone gravitates towards it! As well as your run of the mill swings there was also a swing set-up which I have never encountered before: one person sits in the seat whilst the other holds onto the handles of a bar on the opposite side and spins around with their feet off the ground. The resulting sight being two people swinging out really high! Fun for the person in the swing, less so for the person holding on for dear life 🙋🏻‍♀️

Sandford Lock is a very short walk away and worth a visit too, where you can follow the Thames Path along to Iffley Lock, or all the way to London!



Playground: always open
Shop: Monday to Friday 9.30am-4pm
Saturdays 9-12
No booking required
Café open
Accessible for all with accessible swing
10 minutes from Headington roundabout
3 or 3A bus
Free parking in Talking Shop car park
The details


The Village Hall, Henley Rd, Sandford-on-Thames, OX4 4YN

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Did you


Local children fundraised, filled in forms and surveys, applied for grants and donations to reach their target of £50,000 to build the playground in Sandford Play Park for their local community! Five years of hard work - kudos to you!

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