Sydlings Copse

Sydlings Copse

Date of Adventure: 19 Oct, 2023

Sydlings Copse is such a secluded space, rich and diverse in wildlife. Teaming with birds and insect life: look high for red kites and low for burrowing bees and lizards come summer. The trickle of the little stream which flows through the reserve can be heard amidst the silence; surprising considering how close it is to metropolitan life. The habitat is so diverse with woodlands, grasslands, fen, heathlands and a stream – every corner brings a new landscape!

The Wildlife Walk is a circular 3/4 mile walk around the undulating reserve; a good distance for little legs. Sometimes there are grazing wild ponies up at the top gated part of the reserve, keep your distance as they happily munch on their grass as they are exactly that: wild.

Even the walk up to the reserve and back is exciting; passing by a field of sweetcorn and numerous dogs happy to stop for a pat. The views of the glorious countryside reminded us that although we live in a city, there is silence in nature right on our very doorstep, it’s all about knowing where to look.

Sydlings Copse can be accessed via Barton too.



Always open
No booking required
No café
Not accessible due to terrain
5 minutes from Headington roundabout
8 to Barton. Sydlings Copse can be accessed via Barton.
Free parking on lay-by on B4027 opposite Royal Oak Farm
The details


Bayswater Rd, Oxford OX3 9SR

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Local children fundraised, filled in forms and surveys, applied for grants and donations to reach their target of £50,000 to build the playground in Sandford Play Park for their local community! Five years of hard work - kudos to you!

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