Tackley walk

Tackley walk

Date of Adventure: 4 May, 2023

A really delightful amble, the start of which is tucked down a quiet residential street. Busy with locals and dog walkers, this gem is a fabulous little community secret.

Luckily we have friends in the know, because there is no way we would have found this place without insider knowledge. It has everything needed for a good walk: bridges, water for splashing, long grass, so many butterflies in the warmer weather, mud, and a wheat field. It was really warm when we first walked this, and it was just the right length for little legs, powered by endless snacks and recharged by a few carries along the way.

The best bit? Splashing of course! You know a good time has been had when you are wringing out little socks full of water.

Access is via the alley on St John’s Road between houses 74 and 76, which leads to the stream and bridges,  After a little splash we crossed into the adjoining field full of long grass and so so many butterflies, bearing left and following the mown path around to the gate. Through here is a bit muddy, I almost lost a boot, keep going and when you get to the stream you can go left or right; we took the left turn up and over the bridge, the right turn will take you to the main road. Carry on over the bridge and into the wheat fields – keep your eyes peeled here for trains in the distance, little ones will love seeing them chug along. Once we got here we turned back but if you wanted to carry on you are very near to Kirtlington Quarry and the locks.



Always open
No booking required
The village shop at nearby Tackley playground sells food and hot drinks
Not accessible due to terrain and kissing gates
17 minutes from Headington roundabout
S4 to Tackley village then a short walk
On street parking or park at the large village shop car park 5 minutes walk away
The details
Access via the alley between 74 and 76 St John's Rd, OX5 3AR

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Did you


Tracey Emin’s first British exhibition since 1997 was at Modern Art Oxford in 2002 and drew together the artist's now iconic neon wall hangings, drawings, etchings, film works, and a large scale sculpture installation of a pier and shack made from reclaimed timber.

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