Blenheim Park – Bladon gate

Blenheim Park – Bladon gate

Date of Adventure: 16 Oct, 2022

Blenheim is officially a labyrinth! You might have been there untold times, or though the Woodstock gate a few times but believe me, there is still more to discover. Enter through the Bladon gate for a new perspective – so much so that you may feel slightly disorientated!

A beautiful lake has so many swans, quite mesmerising to watch them moving so gracefully, and graduated banks for a little welly splash. There are trees to hug, paths to follow, Bladon Bridge to walk over and peek out from, plenty of puddles to splash in if it’s been raining and beautiful, beautiful views. You can see the back of Blenheim palace from the park, with the pleasure gardens to your right, and there are various paths branching off so more adventures to be had here; but for little legs this little adventure was perfect.

It’s a good one if you love Blenheim but don’t want to buy a ticket for yourself or vising relatives if you are not planning to return. For interested parties, Winston Churchill is buried at St Martins Church across the road from the White House pub, it’s a real pain to drive up there (I found out!) so access on foot from the road, it will only take a 2 minute walk. You will pass The White House Community Pub on your way up to the Bladon gate, make sure you pop in on your way there or back for a beverage and sit in Winston Churchill’s drinking corner – now there’s a claim to fame!




Open everyday from 9am - dusk
No booking required
Visit The White House Pub by the lane up to Bladon gate
Although the grounds are accessible, wheelchairs and some pushchair users will not be able to access the kissing gate
15 minutes from Headington roundabout
S3 and S7
Travel by public transport if you can as street parking difficult in the area unless you are stopping in at the local pub (good excuse!)
The details


Bladon Gate, top of Park Lane (to the left of the White House PH) Bladon, OX20 1RL

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Local children fundraised, filled in forms and surveys, applied for grants and donations to reach their target of £50,000 to build the playground in Sandford Play Park for their local community! Five years of hard work - kudos to you!

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