Trap Grounds Nature Reserve

Trap Grounds Nature Reserve

Date of Adventure: 20 Oct, 2023

This place used to be a rubbish dump! It seems so far removed from the place you visit today with it’s bustling wildlife and biodiversity. In the summer the wildflower meadow is popping with vibrant colours and butterflies. The wildflowers have really thrived , I remember signs up when they had just been planted, and the bees were queuing up for a seat at the table – the Michelin star of pollen fine dining!

The pond is full of dragonflies, tiddlers (scientific term! ) and pond snails; I would imagine there is much more below too. We have enjoyed an organised pond dipping session here before – keep an eye on their Facebook page for future sessions.

You may have been to the reserve numerous times, but each visit is wholly different. Stop to look at the information boards which detail what you should be looking out for in each area, and turn your walk into a sensory experience. Feel the grass, smell the flowers, listen to the wildlife. I’m not sure about tasting so maybe bring a snack for that one!

This place holds a very special place in our hearts as we have held our summer Fairy Door trail here for the past three years and have grown very familiar with the lay of the land; it’s like re-visiting an old friend. Thanks as always to the volunteers who turned it from trash to treasure and for being so keen to engage little ones with the natural world.



Always open
No booking required
No café
Accessible on boardwalk but not accessible all the way around due to terrain
9 minutes from Headington roundabout
Many buses service Woodstock Road, a short walk from Frenchay Road which connects to the canal
Timed bays in vicinity of Frenchay Rd
The details


Frenchay Rd, OX2 6TF The site lies between the canal and the railway line, immediately south of the Frenchay Road canal bridge, off Woodstock Road

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Local children fundraised, filled in forms and surveys, applied for grants and donations to reach their target of £50,000 to build the playground in Sandford Play Park for their local community! Five years of hard work - kudos to you!

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