Begbroke – Bladon Bluebell walk

Begbroke – Bladon Bluebell walk

Date of Adventure: 14 Apr, 2024

This walk will take you through fields and bluebell woodland as you wander from Begbroke to Bladon or the other way round.

This was a big surprise to me and an adventure that I needed local knowledge for  – thanks as always to our community for sharing these hidden gems!

If you are looking for a short walk then start at Heath Lane is Bladon as that connects up to the woodland instantly. If you want a longer stroll through fields as well then start at the church on St Michael’s Lane, Begbroke. You will see a green footpath sign to Bladon (pictured below), follow the arrow down the lane and bear right through a field with horses (behind a fence) and then you reach vast fields. Keep to the established paths as and in the second field veer left to left hand corner, you will be able to see the woodland at this point. Enter the woodland on the newly laid path; this was previously just a mud track but loose gravel has now been put down, and enjoy the fragrance and sights of the bluebells! This is Bladon Heath and also referred to as Bladon or Begbroke Woods.

The carpets of bluebells are just stunning and surround you as you meander through the woodland. Established paths off the main track invite you to walk amongst them – do be careful not to veer off these paths and trample the bluebells as they are protected by the Wildlife and Countryside Act. We couldn’t believe how early they were, and what a bumper show, apparently it’s due to the mild winter.

The walk connects to the village of Bladon and you will enter at Heath Lane. If you want to tag in an extra bit of fun, visit the nearby Bladon park, which has a fantastic range of play equipment. Access via the lane beside St Martin’s Church (where Churchill is buried), it’s just beyond the allotments.

A treasure of an adventure, especially with the bluebells, and a real local gem.



Always open
No pre-booking required
No food options
Through fields and uneven terrain
14 minutes from Headington roundabout
S3 gold to Rutten Lane then a short walk
Please park considerately by the church
The details


Either start at St Michael's Church, St Michael's Ln, Begbroke, Kidlington OX5 1RT or Heath Lane, Bladon OX20

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Lye Valley is part of the Wild Oxford project, a joint initiative between BBOWT, Oxford City Council and local community groups to create a more resilient network of wildlife habitats across the city which benefited Oxford’s natural heritage and improved people’s access to nature.

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