These are a few ofour favourite April things

The beginnings of the bluebells…hold out towards the end of the month and you’ll be rewarded with thick blue carpets of sweet smelling bluebells. Now is also the time for April showers, puddle splashing and rainy walks. Don’t let the weather stop you! 




Badbury Clumps bluebells

Considered to be one if the finest shows of bluebells in the UK. No pantone can capture the vastness and depth of colour. Truly a bucket list trip!

Oxford Botanic Gardens

Did you know that Oxford has a jungle? Head straight to The Glasshouses on arrival at the Botanic Gardens and they’ll transport you around the world: Carnivorous, Water Lily, Cloud Forest, Plants from High Places, Rainforest and Arid. 

Blenheim Estate - Community Path

Can’t believe that this has now been opened a year. We’ve been so many times and love it – as does our community as it’s one of our most liked posts on Facebook!

30 Days Wild: Sign up now!

30 Days Wild is The Wildlife Trusts’ annual challenge where we ask everyone to do one wild thing a day throughout the month of June. Let’s go wild! 



Book in for events at Oxford Festival of the Arts running from 27th June – 14th July. The festival previously bought us Gaia and Luxmuralis – what mind boggling delights can we look forward to this year?



Beacon Hill
Beacon Hill

Spectacular views from the top of Beacon Hill in the Chilterns. Hard work getting up to the top and worth every footstep as you turn ... Read more

Begbroke – Bladon Bluebell walk
Begbroke – Bladon Bluebell walk

A beautiful bluebell walk connecting two Oxfordshire villages, with the bonus if a great playground too! Read more

Cotswold Sculpture Park
Cotswold Sculpture Park

Over 150 sculptures intertwined with acres of landscape. A 12 foot polar bear? Sure, we got you. Read more

The Cheese Shed
The Cheese Shed

The Cheese Shed, purveyor of the finest doorstop toasties in the world! Fill up then walk it off in the beautiful Chilterns. Read more

Jessie’s Art Shed
Jessie’s Art Shed

An art shop in a small Oxfordshire village that packs a huge punch with their classes and workshops for toddlers all the way through ... Read more

Caper bookshop
Caper bookshop

Is it a bookshop? Well yes, but actually it's waaaaaaaaaay more. Step inside my friends... Read more



Bank Holiday Weekend! Get ahead of the game by planning some family walks. These 5 countryside walks are ones that my family come back to time and time again.