Top 5 mud-free pushchair walks in Oxford

Top 5 mud-free pushchair walks in Oxford

Oct 29, 2023

The getting out the door, the feed timings, the nap schedule, the poonamis, the ‘is it really worth it’…it’s hard enough getting out, so let us do the work for you on where to go. Click on the headings to get all the info on some of our perfect pushchair walks to get you out and about when you feel it the least, but need it the most. We’ve got you.

Farmoor Reservoir 

This has to go down as the best for us for a number of reasons 1: we love being near the water 2: it was the longest nap my middle child has ever had – that was 8 years ago and I still remember it! He had silent reflux (if you know, you know) and I was practically delirious with tiredness; I took him here and walked and walked and walked (and cried a bit too) and he slept and slept and slept. No idea why but it’s gone down in folklore. Expect to see armies of mums stepping out together doing the same. Flat, circular, very blustery and with a café to boot. Wrap up warm and get walking.

Waterperry to Waterstock walk 

This is our most liked and shared post on Facebook ever and a fabulous discovery. This short walk (5k in total) is suitable for pushchairs and little legs. You will follow a countryside path to Waterstock Watermill then either turn back or amble into the village. It’s gorgeous in all seasons but autumn and summer are my favourite. A very popular route for dog walkers too and you may spot a horse rider if you’re lucky.

Blenheim Community Path

A relatively new opening but a very popular route already and a great way to access the wider Blenheim Estate without having to navigate kissing gates. The community path navigates through fields, woodlands and is shadowed by the river. Eventually the paths link up to the wider network that serve the Blenheim Estate but do be mindful that many of these will lead to Blenheim Palace (annual pass required) or kissing gates if you want to exit that way. Bikes and scooters welcome!

Water Eaton 

This is a fave of ours when I was taking a pushchair plus two older boys on their bikes and then a slower walker with the big boys. It’s a bit of a hotspot for younger children getting their confidence up on scooters or two wheels due to the slopes and also somewhere that you can let older children go a bit further ahead too. You’ll meet a constant stream of parents pushing buggies, runners, wheeled adventurers, dogwalkers and families out enjoying a stroll.

Oxford University Magdalen College

I spent a lot of my time here on all my maternity leaves as it’s free to Oxford residents and a wonderful little stroll. There are a few small steps to navigate into the Porter’s Lodge – if you are not confident manoeuvring down them then the adjacent gate can be opened for access. The cloisters and 1.5km circular Addison’s Walk are like a step back in time and it’s hard to imagine that you are in the heart of Oxford. Spot the deer in the Deer Park, wave to the canoeists or lose yourself in the history and architecture of one of Oxford’s prettiest colleges.



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